Fall 2022 Release Party!

It’s time for the Wine Snob* Fall 2022 Release, and we have three pretty awesome new wines to share with you!

The first is the 2020 Lorenzo, a Sonoma Valley Sangiovese named in honor of Linz’s grandpa, who used to help his dad make wine in their basement in northern Wisconsin in the ‘20s and ‘30s. We wanted to give a little nod to Linz’s Italian roots and bit of family winemaking history with this quintessential Italian varietal. With hints of cherry, basil, fresh-picked tomato, and balsamic, it pairs particularly well with a big Italian dinner with family and friends!

The second is the 2019 (T)rebelrouser, a blend of Sonoma Valley Merlot, Zinfandel, and Syrah, with a dynamic range of flavors: raspberry, cherry, blueberry, chocolate, and pepper. Yum.

And, for the grand finale . . . the Night Owl. What happens when you harvest Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel from 100-year-old vines and add a bit of Petite Sirah brandy during fermentation? You get a smooth, rich, ruby port-style dessert wine. With hints of blackberry, black cherry, caramel, and spice, it’s a perfect little nightcap.

You’re invited to try all three of the new releases at our Fall Release Party on Saturday, October 22, from noon to 6 p.m. Tasting flights are $15, with a complimentary Wine Country Chocolates truffle pairing with the Night Owl. And Chad’s Soup Shack will be serving up some Fall coziness—soups, sandwiches, and perhaps even a bit of pasta—for purchase all day to pair with the new Fall wines! 

Reservations are recommended—ages 21+ only. Indoor and outdoor seating available. Call or text us at 707-931-8424 or email linz@snobbyowl.com to save a seat!